Become a member of the Savvy Academy and hang out with us every month for the rest of your life, or as long as you like. We promise not to make it awkward.

Allow your administrator to grow and learn and improve your netsuite account. In between classes there may be homework, training to complete, all of which will build your administrator to be the great netsuite jedi they deserve to be.

They will have access to our consultants to assist with their own support cases. We wont do the work but we will point you in the right direction and hold your hand. We will guide the way and watch you blossom.

You can always upgrade from one of our courses to Savvy Academy.


Yes, this page is exactly what is on our home page, we couldn’t think of anything else to write. Contact us if you have any good ideas.

Slow and Steady – 10 weeks

Don’t rush your learning; this course is 1 day per week for 10 weeks. This allows you to cement your learning by creating your own training guides specific to your company processes, practising and completing activities in between sessions.

Fast and Furious – 5 Weeks

Same course as Slow and Steady but it’s 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks. A little less time in between but perfect for fast learners or urgent deadlines.

Both courses cover the same ground:

  • You bought NetSuite so now what?
  • Navigation, including tips and tricks
  • How to write a useful training guide
  • How to train other people
  • How to learn more when you aren’t at the academy
  • The Setup Menu and all it’s friends
  • Searching for data. Welcome to the world of a saved search.
  • Data Migration, what to import, reconciling data and fixing mistakes
  • The other 2 ways to update data
  • Do we trust to give employees access and if so what role and permissions? Administrator for all? NO WAY.
  • The Sales Cycle and some fun reports
  • Accounts Receivable, just a little.
  • The Purchasing Process and some fun reports
  • Accounts Payable, just a little.
  • Bank and Financial Menu
  • More Saved Searches because we love them.
  • Reports and report customisation
  • The wonderful world of NetSuite customisations and bundles.
  • Dashboards – make them pretty.  And useful.
  • How to avoid a go live going bad.
  •  Thinking outside the box