Easy-to-Use Management and Financial Reporting Cloud Software

Give everyone on your team the ability to Built, Analyse, and share Interactive mangement Reports.

Empower finance teams and managers with intuitive and interactive self-service reporting. Distribute board reports, slice and dice management and fiancial reports, and drill down into the details. Deliver insights anytime, anywhere.

  • Powerful Management Reporting—Standard

  • Self-Service, Secure, and Transparent Reporting

  • Output to Your Format of Choice

  • Gain Insight, Annotate, and Share

Adaptive Reporting in action


Adaptive OfficeConnect

Adaptive OfficeConnect makes creating reports in Microsoft Office incredibly easy. Connect your existing Excel reports to Adaptive, or create new, presentation-quality reports from a blank slate.

  • Easily create presentation-quality reports based on the latest data in Adaptive
  • Quickly convert existing Excel reports into OfficeConnect reports
  • Seamlessly weave Adaptive data through Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Simplify report, board book and presentation creation
  • Automate monthly reports and executive packages
  • Gain complete control of report layout without any added maintenance
  • Save time updated reports with simple 1-click refresh
  • Share information with decision makers in any format (xlsx, docx, pptx, pdf, etc)

If you would like to learn more about Adaptive OfficeConnect and how Adaptive Insights can help improve your Business Intelligence ROI contact us today.